First Class Leasing Program for 3D printers, 3D scanners, and Software

Information from Marlin Finance About Their Leasing Program


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 Leasing vs. Purchase by Bank Loan

We’re excited to provide a financing solution that may just be the perfect fit for your organization.  What are the advantages of leasing compared to purchasing?

– Requires less money up front

– Permits use of operating funds instead of CapEx funds

– Preserves bank credit lines

– Allows upgrades and add-ons quickly and easily

– Provides flexible terms





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Can I...LeasingBank Loan
Acquire equipment more easily and for less up front?YesNo. Most banks require a down payment.
Upgrade or add equipment without difficulty?YesNo. Most banks require reapplication for another loan.
Match payments to my current cash flow?YesNo.
Avoid affecting my bank lines of credit?YesNo.
Customize my payment plan or even defer payments?YesNo.
Get approved in one day?YesNo. It could take days or even weeks.


Customize Your Leasing Terms

You’re looking for flexibility in a lease, and Marlin gives you some great options to make that happen.

– Leasing Term: 24, 36, 48, or 60 months


– Disposition of Equipment at the end of the term:

– Return the equipment

– Purchase at fair market value

– Purchase for $1.00


Why Marlin?

What sets Marlin apart from the rest?

– Above average approval percentage: 85% or greater

– Marlin offers Fair Market Value (FMV) pricing on 3D printers, 3D scanners, and related software

– Industry low documentation fee from $125 vs. $1,500 with some others

– Marlin’s agreements allow for the end user to “trade-up” on their lease/equipment at anytime during the lease term

– Single point of contact at Marlin for exceptional customer service

– Marlin Business Bank® allows Marlin to price competitively and underwrite their own transactions

Simple Process for Leasing

Ready to get started?

– Request On Line Quote and Apply; Decision in 2 Hours

– Upon Approval, Sign One Page Finance Agreement

– Equipment is Ordered and Received

– First Invoice Arrives Within 30 Days; Billed Monthly Thereafter


Questions?  Contact Lanni Barkow at Marlin Finance: 856-505-4168 or lbarkow@marlinfinance.com.

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