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Multiple materials available:  ABS, Dissolvable, and PLA.  Multiple colors available in ABS and PLA.  Click on the tabs below to view color availability.  MakerBot PLA is only available for MakerBot 5th Generation 3D printers; specifically, the Replicator Mini, Replicator 5th Gen., and the Z18.  Due to the large variation of monitors, video cards, operating systems, and internet browsers, the colors you see may not exactly match the materials.

Cube Cartridge Colors - 3 Materials

Cube Cartridge Colors - 3 Materials

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MakerBot ABS with Labels 1MakerBot ABS with Labels 2


MakerBot PLA True Colors Image 2MakerBot PLA True Colors Image 1


MakerBot PLA Specialty Colors Image 3MakerBot PLA Specialty Colors Image 2MakerBot PLA Specialty Colors Image 1


MakerBot PLA Limited Colors Image 2MakerBot PLA Limited Colors Image 1

Tough PLA• Similar tensile, impact, and flexural strength to ABS
• Greater durability than PLA - which means it can flex more than PLA before it breaks
• Warps less than ABS during printing, which makes for more reliable print results
• Durable, high-impact strength prototypes and fixtures
• Suitable for threading and for snap fits that can withstand repeated use
PLA• Bio-based material
• Biodegradable at end of life
• Environment-friendly
• Excellent part quality, surface finish, and resolution
• High stiffness
• Good barrier properties
• Ease of printing
• Prototypes and models
• Toys and consumer goods
• Durable goods
• Packaging applications
ABS• Light weight engineering thermoplastic
• High impact resistance and toughness
• High impact even at cold temperatures
• Excellent creep resistance (or resistance to deformation under mechanical stress
• Easy secondary operations like finishing, welding, and bonding
• Longer lifespan than PLA
• Durable and functional prototypes and models
• Protective gear
• Automotive parts
• Cases and housings for electronics
• Electronics accessories
• Protective carrying cases
• Toys and sporting goods
Dissolvable• Dissolves in limonene, a common citrus-scented solvent.
• Limonene is a nontoxic solvent made from orange rinds. It’s a common, colorless, citrus-scented solvent
• Available online and in grocery and home stores.
• Used for support structure, which simplifies post-processing of parts and shortens the time to finish them

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ABSDissolvablePLA - SmallPLA - LargePLA - XLPLA - XXLTough PLA
3D Printer Compatibility
- Replicator 2 and earlierYesYes
- Replicator 2xYesYes
- Replicator MiniYesYes
- Replicator 5th Gen.YesYesYes
- Replicator Z18YesYesYesYesYes
Spool Diameter8 in.8 in.5.9 in.9.84 in.8.5 in.8.5 in.9.84 in.
Spool Width3 in.3 in.1.57 in.1.57 in.3.5 in.7 in.1.57 in.
Spool Hub Hole2 in.2 in.2 in.2 in.1 in.1 in.2 in.
Filament Diameter1.75 mm1.75 mm1.75 mm1.75 mm1.75 mm1.75 mm1.75 mm
Shipping Weight3 lbs.3 lbs.1 lb.3 lbs.6 lbs.11 lbs.7.81 lbs.
Net Weight2.2 lbs.2.2 lbs.0.5 lbs.2.0 lbs.5 lbs.10 lbs.6.87 lbs. for bundle
Glass Temperature221 deg F212 deg F140 - 149 deg F140 - 149 deg F140 - 149 deg F140 - 149 deg F140 - 149 deg F
Melting TemperatureNo "true" melting pt.320 deg F302 - 320 deg F302 - 320 deg F302 - 320 deg F302 - 320 deg F302 - 320 deg F
Nozzle Temperature446 deg F482 deg F419 deg F419 deg F419 deg F419 deg F419 deg F

 Specifications subject to change without notice.