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Formlabs Form Wash and Form Cure

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The Formlabs Form Wash and Form Cure are designed to automate washing and curing your 3D printed parts.  For each unit, simply set it and forget it.  When the Form Wash is through agitating your parts in alcohol, the parts are automatically lifted from the alcohol and allowed to dry.  No more warping and deformation due to overly soaked parts.  In the same way, the Form Cure allows you to precisely control the UV and thermal exposure for each Formlabs resin.  Following the recommended washing and curing profiles will help ensure your parts are processed to perfection, achieving their optimum performance.  Each unit can be purchased individually or buy them as a pair to complete your Formlabs ecosystem.


Form WashAutomated countdown timerElimantes warping and deformation that can occur when parts soak too long
Rotating impellerAgitates isopropyl alcohol around every nook and cranny; perfectly clean every time
Sized to fit the build platformParts can stay on the platform or deposited into the basket
HydrometerLet's you know when it is time to change the alcohol (about every 70 prints)
Intuitive interfaceEasy to set recommended time
Siphon pumpEasy to transfer alcohol out of the wash bucket
Form CureAdvanced heatingKey to precise, successful post-curing
Balanced UV Light - 13 LEDs at 405 nmWorks with the heater to post-cure parts
Rotating turntableUniform exposure during post-curing
Intuitive interfaceEasy to set temperature and time
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Form WashAlcohol Capacity8.6 liters
Container SizeAccommodates Form 2 Build Platform
Form CureMax. Temp.80 deg C
Light Source13 LEDs
Wavelength405 nm
Turntable Speed1 rpm

Specifications subject to change without notice.