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EnvisionTEC Vida cDLM

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The EnvisionTEC Vida cDLM (Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing) leverages ground-breaking continuous build technology to enable ridiculously fast 3D printing.  How fast?  60 mm/hour in vertical build (material dependent).  Targeted for the dental, jewelry, and MCAD markets, you will be amazed at the productivity you can achieve with this machine.  The high-resolution LED projector provides incredible detail and superb surface finish. Interfaces to this machine include Ethernet, Wi-Fi or USB connections, and the printing occurs independently without the need for a continuous connection to a laptop or desktop computer.

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Product Information

cDLM TechnologyContinuous build for super-fast 3D printing
Small Footprint (15.6" x 13.8" x 32.5”)Office friendly desktop 3D printer
Plug and play with easy-to-use softwareUser friendly; minimizes training time
Embedded Computer with TouchScreenAllows for autonomous 3D printing (no dedicated computer required during build)
WiFi EnabledRemote access and monitoring
Few Moving PartsStrong and reliable production system; quiet operation; user serviceable
X/Y Resolution of 76 micronsHighly accurate parts with excellent surface finish
Z Resolution of 25 - 150 microns (Material Dependent)High quality, small engineering components & educational models
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TechnologyM-Series DLP
Continuous Build
Light SourceInudstrial UV LED
Build Envelope145 x 81.5 x 100 mm
5.7 x 3.2 x 3.94 in.
Z Resolution (Material Dependent)25-150 microns
Footprint15.6 x 13.8 x 32.5 in.
39.5 x 35.0 x 82.55 cm
Electrical Requirements110V, 3A
Materials AvailableE-Guard, EPIC, PIC 100 Series, Q-View, E-Model, E-Dent 400, Easy Cast 2.0 C, E-Denture, E-Partial

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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