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EinScan-Pro+ 3D Scanner

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The EinScan-Pro+ by Shining 3D takes 3D scanning to the next level.  In HD mode, the 7 data capture lines in the EinScan-Pro have been increased to 100 in the EinScan-Pro+.  The scanning speed under the handheld HD mode has been increased to 550,000 points/second, and the data acquisition speed in seconds, has been increased 7.6 times, to perfectly combine scanning speed and the acquisition of details.  Additionally, the scanning range is 1.6 times larger than the EinScan-Pro.  An optional Rapid Registration Scanning Module is a new software feature that recognizes and aligns reference points.  Since it is targeted to be used with large-size objects, with few geometrical characteristics, even flat objects without any geometrical characteristics can easily be scanned.

With all of the capabilities of the EinScan-Pro, the EinScan-Pro+ can rapidly capture 3D data of real objects, including the human body and complex, irregular shapes. The system provides an accuracy as low as 50 microns. The suggested range for the size of objects to be scanned is 0.03 m to 4.0 meters. The optional Industrial Pack includes a tripod and turntable, and the optional Color Pack provides the capability to capture full color 3D scans.


High resolutionHigh quality images for design and inspection
Compatible with 3rd Party Software (e.g. Geomagics)Leverages investments already made in existing software
Capable of scanning objects from 0.03-4.0 metersMeets a broad range of applications.
Multiple Scan Modes (handheld rapid scan, handheld HD scan, automatic scan, free scan)Maximum flexibility to meet user's needs
Color camera (optional)Enables user to capture full color 3D scans
Automated turntable (optional)Hands-free scanning for complete coverage



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Light SourceWhite Light LED
Scan Speed< 2 sec. per scan
Single Scan Range300*170 mm
Accuracy / Near End - Far EndAs low as 50 microns

Specifications subject to change without notice.