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AutoScan Inspec 3D Scanner

Automatic Desktop Inspection 3D Scanner. Request Quote

AutoScan Inspec is a fully automatic, high accuracy desktop 3D inspection scanner. It features an intuitive user interface and a scanning algorithm based on artificial intelligence.  It’s designed for small and complex parts and can also be used in reverse engineering and product design applications.

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Product Information

Dual 5 MP CamerasCaptures fine detail.
Automatic 3 axis, multi-angle scanniingUsers can obtain 3D scans quickly and easily
Advanced blue-light 3D scanning technolgy10 micron accuracy
User-friendly software interfaceEasy to learn; intuitive operation

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AutoScan Inspec
Light SourceBlue Light
Accuracy< 0.01 mm
Rotational Axes3
Point Distance0.01 to 3.0 mm
Camera Resolution2 x 5.0 MP
Scanning Volume100 x 100 x 75 mm

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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FreeScan ComboFreeScan UE11FreeScan UE ProAutoScan Inspec
Light Source(s)26 lines + 1 laser line OR 7 lines

22 lines + 1 line blue laser26 lines + 1 laser line OR 5 linesBlue Light
Accuracyup to 0.02 mmup to 0.02 mmup to 0.02 mm< 0.01 mm
Volumetric Accuracy0.02 + 0.033 mm/m0.02 + 0.04 mm/m0.02 + 0.03 mm/m (std mode);
0.02 + 0.015 mm/m (built-in photogrammetry mode)
Point Distance0.05 to 3.0 mm0.05 to 3.0 mm0.05 to 3.0 mm0.01 to 3.0 mm
Scan Speed1,860,000 points/s1,020,000 points/s1,850,000 points/sn/a
Working Distance300 mm or 200 mm500 mm300 mm or 200 mmn/a
Integrated PhotogrammetryYes

Specifications subject to change without notice.